We can handle processing of Copper scrap, Sortation, Pick-Ups, Analysing, Lab Capabilities, & Sort Carbide.

Texas Metal Scrap Recyclers provides metal processing and scrap material in almost every major industry internationally with the appropriate raw material through recycling scrap, sortation or selling of scrap metal. We Specialize in the recycling and processing of Copper scrap, Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, Stainless Steel and Computer Scrap.

We are committed to providing scrap and recycling solutions that will assist our clients in achieving their project goals. With near prime, shaving, grinds or regrinds or scrap. Nationally we handle engineered commodity grade scrap. We are supported by a full staff of trained technical personnel and staff all who effectively control cost through economical utilization of personnel, materials and equipment. Through active collaboration with clients, this insures projects to operate efficiently, problematic free and within budget.

Texas Metal Scrap Recyclers offers a durable solution to recycling by providing a facility that diverts valuable resources from the solid stream. We believe in setting the standard for National and International involvement by helping organize "Environmental Recycling Programs".

Founded in 1992 TM&PR LLC is a Company with a philosophy to partner with clients and provide efficient and cost effective product delivery. With a 90.000 square foot facility we can handle industrial and commercial accounts. Our goals are to provide the best service in all areas specializing in semi-precious, non-ferrous, ferrous metal, plastics grinding, and custom pelletizing. This includes but is not limited to aluminum, brass, copper, silver, Alloys, Iron, Stainless Steel, etc.