We can handle processing of Copper scrap, Sortation, Pick-Ups, Analysing, Lab Capabilities, & Sort Carbide. E-Scrap Processing
Here is a list of Electronic Scrap we Recycle, Buy and Sell.


  • INTEL 286/386/486
  • AMD Aluminum Tops
  • Black Fiber Processors
  • Ceramic Pentium 1/Cytrix/IBM
  • Double Sides Gold Pentiums (mixed gold tops and bottom cpus)
  • Memory (RAM) with Ag
  • Memory (RAM) with Au
  • P# Green & Brown Fiber
  • Pentium Pros
  • Slot One Processors (clean)
  • INTEL P4 Chips (Cu back)

Other PC Items

  • Boards- Hard Drives
  • Boards- Medium Grade
  • Boards- Motherboards / PCI Cards
  • Boards- Fingerboards
  • Boards- Power Boards
  • Cable Boxes- Digital
  • Hard Drives
  • Modems
  • Monitors- CRT
  • Monitors- LCD

Other Items

  • AC Adapters (with wire)
  • PC Cable Plugs
  • PC Communication & Data Cables (CAT-5, T-1, USB, Printer/Serial, FireWire and etc...)
  • Cell Phones
  • Batteries